The perfect companion for all the introverts out there.

Introverted people aren't unfriendly. They just have a very limited amount of energy to expend on socializing. They don't mind having a good, short chat now and again, but it's mentally exhausting for them to do so for long periods at a time. To combat this, my introverted brother once told me, "Act crazy, and no one will bother you."

Now, the type of crazy you portray will depend on the level of introversion you manifest. If you are cripplingly introverted, by all means, dress in tights and a cape and pretend to fly around the streets of your town. If you're a more reasonable level of introverted, however, you can present a more ambiguously crazy persona to keep people guessing.

For example, be the guy who wheels a portable generator behind him everywhere he goes and for no apparent reason. This serves two purposes: 1. People will be too confused about why you're carting around a portable generator to be comfortable enough to talk to you and 2. On the off chance that some brave soul gets up the courage to ask you why you're wheeling around a portable generator, you can use it to power up the robot friend you've also been carrying around and have him answer any and all questions on your behalf.

I can say from personal experience, however, that once robot friend makes an appearance, people are far less likely to stick around and ask more questions.

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Powermate 3250 Watt Portable Generator
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