This rolling cart right here? Why yes, it is an Adeptus! It's filled with bees!

Why did I bring my Adeptus full of bees to the golf course today? Well let's just say I...[turns to camera]...have no idea. But that's life, eh? Full of mystery! In fact, the Adeptus that I left at the clubhouse was also coincidentally full of mystery! Haha, no it was full of used bandages. But I think you get where I'm going with this: Adeptus is the rolling cart for me. It just lets me do my thing. I have over a hundred Adeptuses (Adeptus'? Adepti?) at home. Well, I don't really have a home, I sleep on an Adeptus. But in the abandoned lot where I keep my Adeptuses (Adeptu?), all my stuff is carefully cataloged. Well. The Adeptus full of honey is a little messy. But otherwise, Adeptus really helps me...[turns to camera again]...put things in drawers and roll them around. Wait, is that how the slogan goes? Well anyway. Adeptus: Put Things In Drawers And Roll Them Around.

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Adeptus Rolling Carts-3 Styles, 2 Colors
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