Do you remember when everyone had a watch? Yeah? Well, we're past that now.

There was a point when a watch was a sign of being a grown-up. It was a cool machine that helped you control your life. Then that moved to the car. You weren't an adult until you got that car (or, in a pinch a motorcycle) out on the road of life. Then it was a TV. No, it really was. For a while your own TV was a rite of passage. And then it was a phone you could carry in your pocket.

Today you've got kids with all that stuff. What's the new rite of passage? Why, when you put away the childish things for a Samsung TabPro, of course! Only a real adult would understand that a TabPro meets the needs of both business and pleasure all at once.

We don't know what will be left after the kids get their hands on this, though. Maybe some sort of cufflinks that give stock advice? We're really at a loss on where an adult can go.

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Samsung Galaxy TabProS 12" 2-in-1 128GB Tablet
$599.99 In Stock Electronics > Computers
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