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Totally great air conditioner for sale! 100% functional and only 10% sentient!

Hey Buy Nothing Toledo members!

I’m back here, slinging my DeLonghi Portable Air Conditioner again! Apparently user Todd Banks, who claimed it the first time, didn’t want it, because I found it back on my porch this morning. Also, anyone heard from Todd? Appears his profile’s been disabled.

Anyway, in case y’all don’t remember from the first post, here are a few of the unique features:

  • Air conditioner can be moved easily from room-to-room! In fact, often moves itself from room-to-room while you’re at work!
  • Can climb stairs! And gutters!
  • Will often climb to the roof during thunderstorms and “drink” (there’s just no other word for it) the lightning!
  • Steals ice cubes from the freezer, but only sometimes!
  • Can put on a wig and drive a car?
  • Provides great white noise for sleep, interrupted by only an occasional threat to “cool down the hot mess that is mankind"!

Let me know if you want it! Or maybe it’ll let ME know that it wants YOU! Ha! I swear this thing has a mind of its own sometimes!

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