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The word "convertible" makes things go faster. Ask any insurance adjustor.

Everyone knows that if you buy a blue sedan, your insurance will be less than if you buy a red convertible. Why? Because the word "convertible" adds perceived speed right away! So it's only logical to assume the word "convertible" will do the same thing to your laptop that it will to your car. Right? Isn't that how logic works?

Expect this HP Envy to do everything a normal laptop can do, but in a way that seems cooler to everyone all around you. You'll feel like a 1950s high school football star, drivin' to the old malt shoppe after winning the game. The wind will be in your hair, the radio will be blasting tunes, and life will seem like a never-ending wave of joy.

Again, that's what we assume. Because, you know, logic at all that.

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HP ENVY x360 15" Intel i7 Full-HD Touch Laptop
$599.99 In Stock Electronics > Computers
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4121 International Pkwy Carollton TX 75007 U.S.A.