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Like surfing, only far less counter-culture.

When you think of someone on a board, you think of someone with no shirt and long hair, zooming through a curling wave while a guitar solo shreds in front of a firework eagle that melts into a picture of the cosmos with the caption IT'S ALL AWESOME, LET'S GET SANDWICHES as a dolphin throws cookies onto the plate that is the beach.

But being that cool after age 19 puts a LOT of pressure on the body! A normal person who just wants to spend a little time on the water, isn't there a place for them? The answer is yes. The place for the normal person is on a paddleboard.

Once you master the balance part (you'll get a little damp but you'll pick it up fast) no longer will you need to know terms like "Gnarly Tube" and "Swang Nine" and "Bingo Pizza" and all the other things surfers probably say. Instead, you'll use terms like "Isn't this fun?" and "Let's paddle towards the park!" and "Aren't you glad we bought this lake house, darling?"

Paddleboards: because you can't be a nineteen year old beach rat forever.

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