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May your gutters runneth over.

All of the world's problems come down to one thing: we're a throw-away society. We use things a couple times then we toss them. Think of all we could do if we looked at trash not as trash, but as treasure.

Take all those leaves filling your gutters, for instance. Why would you want to get rid of those?! Do you even realize how many festive decoupage mason jars you could make with them? Or how about those foil covers on yogurt containers? If we lined up all the discarded lids, it would wrap around the world twice. How nice would that be? An adorable, handmade yogurt lid belt for the Earth!

The point we're trying to make is, maybe don't be so quick to let robots like this one dispose of stuff you could actually use later. You know that floating island of garbage in the ocean? We hear they want to clean that up! What a shame to think that one day the astronauts might look down from space and not see the beautiful mosaic we crafted just for them. 

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