There's only one thing better than spending a day in a reclining chaise...

To recline is to approach the power of the gods. Seriously. Go look at all the old art. Those powerful gods are always reclining. They don't even have to get up, they just keep lounging and send their god bolts out into the world and the people turn into pigs or geese or whatever. That's what it means to be a god. You never have to rise unless you wanna.

And that's what you're getting here today. You can lounge in a coat and scarf and watch the water blow across the lake. You can lounge in trunks or a bikini and let the sun wash over you. You can lounge with a camera as you wait for the delivery guy who always acts like he knocks but you've been home all day and you never hear a knock, do you, no you never hear a single freaking knock so WHERE DOES THE PACKAGE COME FROM HUH? HOW DOES THAT GUY ALWAYS SLIP PAST YOU?

Sheesh. It's enough to make someone want the power to turn a person into a pig or goose.

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Abbyson Living Redondo Outdoor Chaise Loungers
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