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Laptops aren't just big grey boxes these days. They're part of the family


1936: A laptop the size of a city block comes over to help with the war effort. The President asks the giant laptop to sit outside in a special "laptop room."

1950: A laptop the size of a dining room set spends all day trying to figure out how to get into outer space. People get all of the credit. The laptop doesn't even get to watch the moon landing because nobody gives it a television.

1978: A laptop the size of a wardrobe helps people date each other. Many stay together. Many break up. The break ups blame the computer. The stay togethers credit themselves.

1982: A computer inspires "TRON" which fails to win an Oscar because computer effects are allegedly "cheating."

1983: A computer is the bad guy in "War Games" and is basically treated like an angry, easily-fooled child.

1998: The iMac convinces people that computers can be colorful and friendly.

TODAY: Look, we've got computers EVERYWHERE in our lives. It's time we start treating them like we do couches, and make sure they fit in as part of the room. No longer should we send computers into a shame hole for geeks who can't fit in! Today's world is ALL GEEKS WHO CAN'T FIT IN! Finally, we should embrace the glory of the laptop and bring it into our colorful, happy lives.

Because if we don't, in about twenty years, we're going to be the big, unwanted creatures that are being asked to sit quietly in the other room.

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