If it was really smart, it could protect itself against a roving band of predators.

Traveling can be fun and exciting but mostly it's a pain in the ass. Cool luggage like this can make all the difference, and there are a lot of cool things about this Bluetooth luggage. The in-handle digital scale to help you avoid extra fees. The battery charger so you don't have to search for an outlet. The remote lock!

We don't know why you'd want to lock your luggage remotely, but hey, whatever. Maybe you think it's funny to screw with the TSA while hiding behind that trash can containing full-sized bottles of expensive shampoo begrudgingly discarded by first-time fliers. :::snicker::: Dummies.

The absolute best feature of this luggage, though, has got to be the location tracker. The built-in GPS shows you where your luggage is anywhere in the world. Although, we suppose this is only a good thing if your luggage is where it's supposed to be.

If your luggage is lost, it's just kinda sad. All you can do is stare helplessly into your phone as the blinking red dot shows your bag languishing on the carousel in some remote Australian village, the contents of which will eventually be picked through and then carried off by wild dogs.

Now if only there was a remote electrical shock feature ...

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Bluesmart One - Smart Luggage
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