Fancy sheets make not-so-fancy things fancy.

For some people, sheets are not luxury items. Sheets are utilitarian. As long as the sheet has some threads and covers the bed, exactly how many threads it has doesn't matter.

For others, it's all about that thread count, and the more the better. A person like this has never laid down on a bed made up with 1400 thread count, luxurious combed cotton and thought, "Meh."

The thing is, though, sheets aren't always just used as bedding. Sometimes they're used to make forts. And if you only have 1400 thread count sheets on hand, you're making the Taj Mahal of forts and could probably charge for photos taken in front of it.

The point is, these sheets are totally worth the cost and you're definitely going to make your money back on them. Come Halloween, you might even be able to sell one as a ghost costume to a Kardashian kid.

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1400TC 6-Piece Sheet Set
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