A watch that watches you while you're sleeping but in a non-threatening way.

The world of activity-tracking watches is pretty competitive these days. You can't track just the basics like steps taken or calories burned and expect to make a big impact in the market. That's why Withings Activity Watches also track activity while you sleep.

They monitor your sleep cycle, tell you when you slept lightly or deeply, and provide you with a gentle wake-up vibration when it's time to start the day. But they also monitor what's going on while you're sleeping. So every attempt you make in your dreams to fly, noted. Each time you stop a bullet with your bare hands, recorded. All punches and parries directed at bad guys, Withings knows all about it. 

Even more impressive, these particular Withings Activity Watches know when you're swimming. So next time you have to wade through an unidentified, viscous biological substance to save the world from an impending alien invasion, Withings will know just how hard you're working at it. Also, maybe lay off the kombucha just before bed.

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