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Cast iron might stick a little, sure. But it'll stick with CLASS.

No-stick? PFFT. The no-stick years have passed. These days we want pans that are responsible. We want pans that take credit AND blame. We want pans that aren't afraid to get dirty but don't take forever to get clean. Like how pans used to be back when pans were important!

If you have to scrub and season, you're part of the process already. You're not some 1%-er who leaves a mess for someone else to clean up. You know you're making food, and you known you're cleaning up that food, and you can't avoid that because if you do, the cast iron goes bad. You have to wash, dry, clean, LIVE!!!

Cast Iron is a commitment for life. Think about that. This cookware means something. This cookware is real.

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Cuisinart Cast Iron - 3 Styles
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