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The Debunker: Are Peanuts Nuts?

by Ken Jennings

Do you celebrate National Peanut Day every September 13? Of course, we all do! It's a cruel coincidence that the peanut's big moment comes every fall, just as kids are returning to their increasingly peanut-free schools. If you're not allergic, you probably love peanuts in your trail mix, on sundaes, or in sandwiches (butter form only). But how much do you really know about the protein-rich foodstuff? Jeopardy!'s Ken Jennings is here to tell us that a lot of your favorite facts about this beloved snack are just plain nuts.

The Debunker: Are Peanuts Nuts?

Peanuts took a roundabout route to get to your kitchen cupboard. They were carved on pottery and left in Peruvian tombs five thousand years ago, and European settlers first ran across them in Brazil. Then the Portuguese spread them around the world, as far as Africa and China. But they didn't catch on in North America until African slaves returned them to the New World, planting them in Virginia. Dive bars and ballgames would never be the same again. In the 19th century, this new crop was often called the "ground nut" or the "ground pea"; our word "peanut" is a conflation of the two. But strictly speaking, peanuts are neither peas nor nuts.

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Monday, September 12

Music Monday: Car Crash Love

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! For some reason, there are like a billion songs all about teenagers who die in car crashes. Once you start really digging into the genre it's kinda weird. So, of course, Scott's spending another Monday doing some digging. Join in! And, um, wear your seatbelt.

Mark Dinning - Teen Angel


I don't wanna say this song started the car crash craze, but it was certainly one of the earlier ones. And it sort of makes sense when you think about it. The idea of a teenager was sorta new in the 1950s, and certainly the post-war teens were the first generation to drive themselves to high school regularly. That mix of youth and rebellion led to accidents, accidents made the paper, and, well, we got some songs. And not just one song. Many songs. Many many many songs.

More crashes coming up. Drive safe, kids.

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