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Music Madness: Round Two:'70s vs '90s

by Madness Comissioner

It's time for Round Two in our month-long Music Madness event! Just to recap, we've created four brackets ('70s, '80s, '90s and '00s) and picked sixteen one-hit wonders for each one. Each Monday, Wednesday and Friday in March, you'll be able to vote via our Facebook page. You've all been nailing that part so far, and you've narrowed the field down to 32 candidates. Today we're voting on the '70s and the '90s!

Of course the brackets closed last week, but you can still enjoy gawking at everyone else's brackets in this thread. Some of those guessers might just win a real trophy at the end of this thing. You can find out what they all stand for on the master list right here.

Today's face-offs include the hits of the '70s AND the '90s. Take a look at Scott and Kathleen with our cool bracket wall and see the full list of contestants.

Already know the songs by heart? Go vote across two decades! Need a refresher? No worries, we've got the head-to-head happening below.

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Tuesday, March 14

The Debunker: Can Amish People Use Electricity?

by Ken Jennings

March brings the first soft breezes and crocus buds of spring, as the earth awakens after its winter-long sleep. I can only assume this new season of life and fertility explains why the Agricultural Council of America has named March 21, often the first day of spring, as "National Agriculture Day." But how much do you really know about farming? In honor of the equinox, Jeopardy! champion Ken Jennings is here to plant some seeds of knowledge among your weeds of agricultural ignorance.

The Debunker: Can Amish People Use Electricity?

Bad news for hipsters who have just discovered knitting and beekeeping and home-churned butter: the Amish were doing all your old-timey hobbies before it was cool. These Christian traditionalist sects, a modern offshoot of Swiss Anabaptists, maintain their separation from the secular world by avoiding many modern innovations and luxuries. In the words of "Weird Al" Yankovic's 1996 hit Amish Paradise, they "party like it's 1699." Yankovic also claims that the Amish "shun fancy things like electricity," and that certainly jibes with our idea of candlelit Amish homes, kerosene-lit buggies, and so on. The problem is that this stereotype is almost entirely untrue. Most Amish love electricity—couldn't live without it, in fact.

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Monday, March 13

Music Monday: Round One Heartbreaks

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! For those who don't know, each year we do a special March Bracket Event on our site. This year Scott's been forced honored with the keys to the event. We call it... MUSIC MADNESS!!

The rules are simple. We've created four brackets ('70s, '80s, '90s and '00s) and picked sixteen one-hit wonders for each one. Each Wednesday and Friday in March, you'll be able to vote via our Facebook page to help determine the winners! Check back here on Wednesday for the next round!

Today, though, Scott's recapping the poor unfortunate songs that should have gone further, but didn't. Take a moment to show them some respect, okay?

70s Bracket: The Floaters - Float On


This song has a lovely groove, a beautiful message, and an offer to share your love with Larry. How could it have lost to the woman who plays Mama on Mama's Family? HOW I ASK YOU??

Voting on Round Two continues later this week. Be ready for it!

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Happy 20th, Buffy The Vampire Slayer

by Jeremy Hynoski


Oh, man. Has it really been 20 years since Welcome to the Hellmouth, when a teaser twist that even M. Night couldn't see coming showing up within the first couple of minutes? I remember it still. The wonderful innocent Julie Benz enters a school with a nefarious-minded high school boy. We've seen this before. The boy is going to do something? Or is there some monster lurking in the school? What is going to happen? Then BAM WAIT WHAT the innocent schoolgirl's face contorts and- Holy Frijoles! She's a vampire! Cue Nerfherder credits!

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