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The Debunker: Was the QWERTY Keyboard Designed to Slow Down Typists?

by Ken Jennings

January 1, 2017 isn't just New Year's Day… it's also the Internet's 34rd birthday. On January 1, 1983, all the computer systems on the ARPANET, created by the Department of Defense in 1969, were required to switch over to the TCP/IP network protocol that it still uses today, giving birth to the Internet as we know it. But how well do we know it? Onetime computer programmer (and Jeopardy! computer victim) Ken Jennings is here to do a complete systems update on all the Digital Age spam in your mental inbox.

The Debunker: Was the QWERTY Keyboard Designed to Slow Down Typists?

Look at the keyboard on your computer or mobile device. Whose idea was this random jumble of letters? Why not put the alphabet in the A-Z order that all beginning typists already know, or, if you're more interested in speed than ease of use, why not put the most common letters on the "home" finger keys? It seems crazy that someone wanted it to be easier to type an uncommon letter like 'J' or 'K' (the home positions of the strongest fingers of the right hand) than to reach for the 'O,' 'E', or 'N', right?

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Music Monday: Bowie, One Year On

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! Roughly one year ago today, the wonderful David Bowie passed away. Today Scott's recapping with some tributes that happened across the world as we all came to terms with the loss.

The Brit Awards


If you could only pick one tribute, this would be it. Featuring Bowie's friends, Bowie's touring band, and an up-and-coming artist the man himself called the future of British music, it was as close to a funeral as a Bowie fan could want. And how moving to just let the vocals be so loud in their absence.

We got more, coming up. Then hit up our Facebook page and see if you can win a Blackstar vinyl.

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