Tuesday, October 13

The Debunker: Is Godzilla a Green Lizard?

by Ken Jennings

October means Halloween is coming—you know, the very witching hour of night when churchyards yawn and graves give up their dead and so on. But if you're still picking out your costume—and you're looking for something a little scarier than Sexy Donald Trump—you might need a refresher course, because it's surprising how much we don't know about some of our most iconic monsters. Luckily, Jeopardy! monster Ken Jennings has unchained his debunking abilities and is ready with the spooky scoop.

The Debunker: Is Godzilla a Green Lizard?

Whether he's destroying Tokyo or defending it—or, sometimes, a little of both—the iconic screen monster Godzilla always sports the same look: hundreds of feet tall; atomic breath; ferocious teeth, spines and tail; rough physical proportions of a Japanese man in a rubber suit. And, obviously, he's a green lizard, right? Chigau! [English subtitles: "No way!"]

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Monday, October 12

Music Monday: All Hail Tennessee

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! There's not one musical genre that isn't somehow represented in the state of Tennessee. Good, bad, classy, sleazy, it's a state that somehow covers all the bases. Today's Scott's paying tribute to a grand musical-friendly state. Enjoy!

Arrested Development - Tennessee


Music fans know them as the band who had their name stolen. TV fans know them as the band that complained about their name being stolen. Either way, this band had a solid hit with a tribute to, well, the hard state of being African-American in the South. So much great music comes from pain. Maybe that's one of the reasons Tennessee has long been so full of music?

More tens to see after the jump. See you inside.

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Sunday, October 11


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Friday, October 09

Kitchcock: All Hail Zach Roy

by Scott Lydon

Did you notice our exciting sale? All this week, we've been celebrating... well, here. Just take a look at it yourself.


All the fantastic visuals this week were courtesy of the great and wonderful Zach Roy, our in-house graphics hero. We were so proud of the art he designed that we wanted to put 'em all together in one place. If you missed them this week on Home.Woot, we've collected all five so you can enjoy 'em right now! And thanks for all you do, Zach. We love you like the desert loves the rain.

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