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Wednesday, November 30

Live From the Internet!

by Kathleen Richards

This week we're paying homage to the glory that is Wikipedia!

More specifically, the glory that is Wikipedia photos. So without further ado, I present to you a compilation of some weird/cool Wikipedia images I've come across lately. Each one links to the article it's from, if you feel like reading, but you can also just peruse these pics free of context and marvel at the wonderful and weird world that we live in. You can also hover over the pics for image attribution information!

This picture is what I imagine that rich people's houses look like.


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Tuesday, November 29

Raid the Woot Holiday Bunker!

by Kathleen Richards

A lot of crazy stuff has happened in our holiday bunker so far this season! While everyone upstairs in the living quarters is busy doing...well, doing this, we're going to sneak around the bunker's storage rooms and see if we can find any cool stuff down there. Oh yeah, and everything we find down there is going home with some lucky Wooters. Want to get in on the bunker booty? Keep reading!

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Monday, November 28

Music Monday: Happy Birthday Randy Newman

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! It's sorta weird just how much music has been given the Randy Newman touch over the years. Sure, we all know the big hits but do we all know the hits he's written? If we do, Scott's birthday tribute to Mr. Newman will just be a fun walk down memory lane. But if we don't, well, we might be about to learn a thing or two.

Peggy Lee - Is That All There Is?


Depressing? Sure. Sardonic? Of course? Is this song right up there with MacArthur Park on the list of things Scott wants to forget? Damn straight! But there's a real chance you didn't know that a young Randy Newman was doing the orchestral arrangement. Which, as you can hear, is quite nice overall. Especially when compared to the lyrics.

Even more deep cuts comin' up. Then it'll be your turn!

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