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The Debunker: Is a Dog’s Mouth Really Cleaner Than Yours?

by Ken Jennings

Dog lovers: could there be a better month than August to salute our canine companions? After all, August 10 is the day poor Rin Tin Tin died, and it’s the day Snoopy celebrates his birthday, in a 1968 Peanuts strip. Two weeks later, on August 26, it’s National Dog Day, according to the Animal Miracle Foundation & Network. To celebrate the dog days of summer, we’ve unleashed Jeopardy!’s Ken Jennings, who will correct some of man’s worst misconceptions about man’s best friend.


The Debunker: Is a Dog’s Mouth Really Cleaner Than Yours?

You’ve probably heard the old saw about the counterintuitive cleanliness of a dog’s mouth. It often gets trotted out by embarrassed pet lovers when they catch the look of disgust in your eye as their Irish setter’s tongue has its way with their hands/face/tonsils. Sure, sure, this is a mouth that spends all day grubbing around in dirt, feces, its own genitals, other dogs’ butts, etc., but somehow it’s so clean you can eat off of it. Right.

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Music Monday: Non-Album Tracks

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! Today Scott’s gathered a whole bunch of songs that weren’t actually on any albums, at least not at first. Remember, bootlegs and live recordings don’t count! Don’t worry, you’ll keep up.

Scott Walker - Archangel


This song, like many here, was a b-side from a 1966 Walker Brothers single. Back then nobody knew the guy who was singing this would eventually grow into a guy who’d be doing this. Go figure, right? Anyway, Archangel’s sort of the first hint of what was coming. And it was hidden on the back of something else.

We’ve got more great stuff you could easily have missed if you only collected the albums. See you after the jump!

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Bach To School

by John Osebold

Johann Sebastian Bach, arguably the greatest composer of all time, faces his greatest challenge: <record scratch> college life. His only hope of being popular is with the guidance of an initially-nerdy-then-suddenly-drop-dead-gorgeous website called Will he succeed on the road to popularity? Will change his tune? Can money really buy happiness? The answer to the last one is yes.

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