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A Special Guest Post from Two of Our Favorite People

by WootBot

G'day! CTO guy and cereal connoisseur Jeremy here. Scott and I were working on a tribute to Aussie music from the 80s based on our mutual appreciation for Paul Hogan's knives and barbecue shrimp or something. He polished it up and kicked it my way to share with you all. Enjoy!

Australian Music from the 80's - with CTO Jeremy and Scott Lydon

Men At Work - Overkill


There might be no better Aussie export than the great Men At Work. And everyone knows this song. Literally. Babies are born knowing this song. When we finally meet aliens they'll walk out of the ship and ask to meet Colin Hay and see if he can still do the high part. And he will. And the universe will cheer.

Four more coming up. And hey! Maybe we'll have our in-house Australian stop by the forums if you're good!

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