by Sam Kemmis

Want to turn your crossword skills into a coveted (for some reason) Bag o' Crap? Then welcome, intrepid cross-linguist, to Crapword Puzzle central! Here you can download the puzzle, follow along with the game, and voice your Huzzays of ecstasy and Dangits of defeat. We'll update it as we go, so check back often for the latest Crapword action highlights. 

If you haven't already, click on the image over there (or right here) to download the full PDF. We enjoy printing it out and completing it the old fashioned way, but you can also fill it out on your computer.

Make sure you format your emails per the guidelines listed in the PDF. We're using filters and rules and whatnot, so if you don't do it right, your email will vanish into the ether.

A quick note: clues will be showing up throughout the Woot-Off, but we like to sleep sometimes. So we might not get back to the winners RIGHT AWAY during the wee hours. Worry not -- we'll make sure everybody gets the crap they deserve.

Feel free to share your theories, semi-completed puzzles, and other ruminations right here on this comment thread. We'll keep you updated when prizes have been awarded and all that.

So sit back, have fun, and start pressing F5. It's the Crapword Puzzle!

The Rules: 


4/23 12:27am

Holy CRAP, we've already had 2 clues and 4 winners. We're going to keep the answers secret for now, but what do you think? Do you want to know what the winners answered, or keep guessing? We've never done one of these before. Does this help?: 

4/23 12:49am

Some answers to some already Frequently-Demanded Questions: 

4/23 2:57am

YAWN. It's time for the Crapword Puzzle moderation to take a much-needed snooze. The game goes on, but emails to the winners will wait until morning, as will updates to this post. Keep the guesses coming, ye brave night-owls. 

4/23 10:01 am

We're back! Thanks for the patience, ya'll. Emails going out to winners as we speak. 

4/23 10:41 am

All caught up. 

4/23 11:24 am

Uploaded a new PDF with editable text fields. Printerless Wooters rejoice! 

4/23 12:26pm

Sorry for the delay on 53-down. We had some mail issues that we wanted to make sure were smoothed out before we emailed the winners. 

4/24 1:50am

The game marches into Day Two, but Crapword managment is hitting the hay. Keep the guesses coming -- emails will go out to the winners in the morning. HINT: 100-across is definitely ZZZZzzzzzzZZZZzzzz

​4/24 10:30am

And we're back!

4/24 10:40 pm

hOLy CrAp!!! 

All 50 emails have been sent. Check your spam filters (turns out some don't like so much "crap"), congratulate yourself if you won, and weep bitter, crappy tears if you didn't. AND REMEMBER TO BUY YOUR CRAP PRONTO. IT WILL DISAPPEAR TOMORROW AT MIDNIGHT. joshobra, I'm looking at you. 

Thank you so much for everyone who played. Ya'll have been an awesome crew. I had a blast and I hope you did too.