Flash In The Brain Pan: Gare

by Scott Lydon

Today we're gonna drive us some robots. Today we're gonna protect us a little grid-based city. Today we're gonna be playing Gare.


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Gare has you playing a pretty blue mech, walking around a Tron-like grid full of buildings and gardens and other obstacles. You want to blow up everything that isn't you. Sometimes you can't. Other times you can. And sometimes, they get you first.


Think of it like Combat meets Zone Of The Enders and you've got an idea of the gameplay. As you level up, you'll get space cash, which you can use to buy armor, speed and weapons. The game you play can be determined by how you outfit your mech. Want to just zip around finding checkpoints and stars? Or do you want to walk your armored butt right up in the enemy's face and laugh as they flail against your energy shield? The path is up to you!


Gare isn't a game that's easy to screenshot, as you'll be using mouse AND keyboard the whole time, but it is a game that's fun. Check it out, and remember to let us know how well you do! Highest score by Monday will be our Quality Post Champion!