Flash In The Brain Pan: Medieval Golf

by Scott Lydon

We're wrapping up Dad Week here on the blog, and getting ready to head out the door to make our awkward phone calls and half-hugs in honor of the man who raised us. In the meantime, why not enjoy a little golf after the jump? Here's what it's gonna look like…



In Medieval Golf, you're shooting an arrow into the air. On the end of that arrow is your golf ball. Your goal is to put the golf ball in the hole.



Rules are the same as regular golf, with Birdies and Bogies. You'll have your choice of golf bows so you can drive, putt or shoot distances over obstacles. You also should be careful, because you can overshoot, undershoot, or bounce off a cow. Each hole is a new adventure!



What more is there to add? Set Dad up with a laptop and he can distract himself from all those boring ties and race car mugs until it's time to eat. We're gonna bet Medieval Golf might just be the day he'd hoped for.

As always, post your scores in the comments below. Highest by Monday will be our Quality Post Champion!