Flash In The Brain Pan: Nak The Crunkodile

by Scott Lydon

So we're still tired from all that partying yesterday. Turning eight really wears a website out! Today's game is short and sweet and easy to write about. It's Nak The Crunkodile. And you're gonna love it. Unless you die.


See you after the jump for the full breakdown.

In Nak The Crunkodile you're a Crunkodile… at first. Run down the vertical maze and grab coins while avoiding bad guys and death blades.


The maze keeps moving, so you have to as well. The faster you can platform, the further you'll get, but don't forget the coins! They're not just for show!


As you get enough cash, you can buy bonuses, new levels, and even new characters. As you can see, I'm not very good at Nak The Crunkodile but maybe you will be! Oh, and be aware, there's a side game too. It's sort of random so we can't really tell you how to play.


Run your crunkodile, build that score as high as it'll go, and let us know what it is before Monday! Highest will be our Quality Post Champion. Side QPs given out if you unlock all the characters so we can see them.