Flash In The Brain Pan: Tome Sweet Tome

by Scott Lydon

How many games let you bust out the monocle and top hat? Today's game does, and that's why it's a game you're gonna enjoy playing. More after the jump!



In Tome Sweet Tome, you're a well-dressed book-loving hero on a grand adventure to rebuild a missing library. To the tune of some rinky-tink-tink saloon piano you'll be leaping from platform to platform, trying to get a key and then get back to the tome it unlocks.



Your classy little avatar will face trampolines, wooden planks, exploding boxes, and occasionally a strange human-grabbing magnet. Level design isn't too advanced, so you can generally figure out what you'll need to do with a single glance. But don't think it'll be a total cakewalk.



Especially in the higher levels, that happy piano becomes a nefarious taunt. Rinky-tink-tink-why-haven't-you-finished-yet-tink? Tome Sweet Tome is a nice balance of challenge and style and I think it'll be a great Friday time waster for everyone. Be sure to post your score in the comments below, the highest will be named this week's Quality Post Champion on Monday.