From The Desk Of The Office Manager: The Treasure(?) Of Managerial Assessment

by Sam Kemmis
hi everybody,

Up to this point I have ignored it: but any employee/temp that thinks he/she doesn't have to write 3 good, quality assessments for their level-9 supervisor: you very much do. just forgot to do it last quarter? Too L8. (please excuse the informal "text speak," but I am writing this on a mobile device and space is a premium.)

To complete your assessment, just go to and designate your PIN as: 7837. de-select the foremost-box, so thaboxes are non-de-selected. Then redesignate your PIN as: 4294. Re-select any/every box until 18 boxes are selected in-toto. Capiche? 

Hit the "back" button on your browser until 52 boxes are selected. Then hit the "forward" button so there are only 51 boxes selected. Hit forward one more time, putting the selected-box-total at 50. GR8!

Finally, hit f5. Now you can go in and finalize your assessment. Congratulations -- you won't be terminated. 

- BYE - 

Katherine Tull-Potts, BA
Office Manager