It's the Woot Ultimate Challenge! Day 2: Fling-a-Monkey

by Amy Nance

It's one challenge down and four to go! Thanks to all the people who participated in the Wine Bottle Ring Toss challenge and congrats to the ones who managed to nab a Bag of Crap.

Before we proceed, we need to clear up a couple of things. First, please make sure that you post your videos in the discussion thread on THIS blog post, not in the Wootcast Video discussion thread, or the YouTube comments section or anywhere else. We didn't make that explicitly clear before, but we are now so NO EXCUSES.

Secondly, please make sure that your videos are viewable by the general public, and that your settings are not set to private. We threw you guys a bone this time because we were all still working out the bugs. But now you should know how it works so NO MERCY.

Thirdly, you guys are awesome. We were pleasantly surprised by how quickly you were able to put together videos, and the creativity in which you did so. Keep in mind, even if there are five videos posted by the time you get here, they might not all be eligible for one reason or another. So don't let that discourage you.

And finally, the challenges are gonna get harder. And by "harder" we mean weirder and more obscure. We know we said in the rules that the items you use in your videos don't have to be the same as the ones in our videos, but they have to be close. So just keep that in mind. Here they are again just for kicks:



And now I give you the Woot Ultimate Challenge!




After a collective 100+ flings (no, we're not making that up), the head-shaking, spirit-crushing results were:

May-Ying - 1, Adam - 0