Kludge-O-Ween: The Woot-Off Where Anything Can Be A Costume

by Jason Toon

What do you do when you can't do it right? You kludge it. Generations of engineers, adventurers, programmers, and backyard MacGyvers have been kludging the world together for years. Now we're bringing that honorable tradition to Halloween.

Presenting the Kludge-O-Ween Woot-Off: two days of ludicrously resourceful suggestions for last-minute Halloween costumes for you to throw together. Some of these items will only reach you in time if you overnight them, and some won't get there in time at all. But a true kludger doesn't whine about shipping times! He or she looks around for what's at hand, cranks up the imagination, and cobbles together something semi-acceptable. When those trick-or-treaters show up, don't freak; you've probably got some oyster crackers or something in the pantry, right?

We hope Kludge-O-Ween inspires you to kludge together a costume, or to show us your improvised costumes of the past. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for our own getups kludged completely from offrice supplies. And most of all, have a very happy Kludge-O-Ween, whether you've prepared for it or not.