Live From the Internet!

by Kathleen Richards

Hey friends! This is me at work when someone wants to borrow my stuff:

Here's a public service announcement to all you men out there: don't manspread. Unless you're doing it like this guy.

Don't you just love nature?

And now, the real reason why we're all here: the announcement of the winner of the super-cool ultra-hip GOLDEN COMPUTER AWARD.

So beautiful!

Our winner this week is moxxee for sending us this gif of...well I gotta say I don't really know what it is but I watched it for like 10 minutes. Check it out!

Congrats again, moxxee! Feel free to grab yourself that shiny shiny badge if you so choose! Everyone else, send me some stuff. On the double. Post haste. ASAP. STAT. Right now! See you next week, friends!