Music Monday: Boy vs Girl

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! If there's one topic that's been in music since the VERY beginning, it's the relationship between men and women. Today Scott's found five boy v girl songs in which the two sides hold their own in a very catchy way. He's starting with perhaps the most beloved of the boy vs girl songs. And it takes place... in a cocktail bar.

Human League - Don't You Want Me


This '80s classic is pretty much the ultimate he said/she said song. Not only is it catchy, it doesn't resolve itself neatly. The listener is left to decide if this waitress owes it all to her patron, or if he just wants to steal the credit for her hard work. What do YOU think, listener?

Oh, we're only just starting. Four more to come!

Prince feat. Sheena Easton - U Got The Look


Not only is this a fine piece of music, it's one of the few Prince songs one can consistently find online! And it also inspired the name of today's post. The World Series of Love indeed.

Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty - As Soon As I Hang Up The Phone


This country pairing is proof that it's not just pop music in which boy and girl face the hard truths about relationships. Also worth mentioning: Conway Twitty recorded his part from the other room on a real phone!

Phil Collins and Marilyn Martin - Separate Lives


I'm not a big Phil Collins fan but even I have a soft spot for this one. There's just something compelling about two people who are drawn to each other being forced to talk about why they should stay apart.

Patti Smyth feat. Don Henley - Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough


The sad part of boy vs girl is the songs just more depressing as it goes along. Not everyone can be the Human League, I guess. But don't let that stop you! Run to the comments and post your favorite too!

Let us just remind you: some images come from the corresponding Wikipedia page and are here under fair use. See you next week.