Music Monday: The End Of The World

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! As everyone knows, the Mayan calendar ends this Friday, and the world ends with it. No, no, don't act like your "science" would "notice" if a "giant planet" was speeding in our direction. We're doomed and there's nothing we can do. Except, of course, enjoy some music about the end of the world.

Prince Buster - Enjoy Yourself


If you know you're doomed, and there's nothing you can do, at least you can dance. This Prince Buster song has been covered by others but the message is still the same: have fun while you can, because it might be the last thing you ever do.

After the jump we've got four more songs and last week's Spotify list … maybe the last one you'll ever hear. See you inside?

As always, be sure to check out our Spotify playlist. This week's features a great selection from last week's Music Monday comments. The theme of the mix this time is Hanukkah Songs and though the holiday is over, the joy can live on through music. But before you relive the past, check out our current Music Monday below!

U2 - Until The End Of The World


Pretty straightforward title, huh? Naturally, if you listen to the lyrics, it's more of a song about relationships, and somebody getting their heart broken, and maybe something a little darker, but why focus on that when Edge has that steely guitar solo, huh? And face it, if the world's really ending, nobody's going to be thinking about what they'll feel like when they wake up tomorrow.

Young Marble Giants - Final Day


This one's courtesy of Jason Toon, because I'd never heard of it until he brought it up. It's from 1981, and sounds way head of its time, doesn't it? Just goes to show, even in our final seconds of life, we can still learn something.

Islands - Volcanos


Our beloved Sean Adams shares this one, a story about how, in 2007, the world ended when a volcano blew up Yellowstone- wait, that didn't happen! Well, this happy sounding song is all about natural disasters and, accidentally, about apocalypses that never happened. But don't be scared, that'll never happen to us. This one's 100% certified as ending the world. Get ready! Here it comes!

Johnny Cash - The Man Comes Around


Not everybody believes in the Book of Revelation, but surely everybody can agree it makes for a very dramatic song. Here "The Man" is Jesus, of course, and the song reminds us that He's not gonna be a nice guy the next time He shows up. Leave it to Johnny Cash to make a book of the Bible sound like the dramatic end to a Clint Eastwood movie.

And that's it! All done! The last Music Monday ever! We invite you all to visit our room for the regular Music Monday enjoyment. You'd better hurry, we've only got a few days left! Also, let us just remind you: some images come from the corresponding Wikipedia page and are here under fair use. And if, somehow, we don't all perish before the weekend in a Mayan wave of doom … we'll see you next week.