Sean University: An Intro To Electives!

by Sean Adams

Ah, breath in. Do you smell that? Yes, that’s the smell of change in the air! But now stop breathing so deeply, because there are also bees in the air and I will not be held responsible for any bee stings you get inside your lungs.

But anyway back to the change part: you might have noticed some changes around here. Well, we’re making some changes of our own at the  Sean Adams University of Business Management Development Leadership. Instead of continuing with the traditional business curriculum, we’re going to offer some summer electives. That’s right: for June and July, I’ll be offering courses on all sorts of enriching, non-business topics.

Did your jaw just hit the floor in amazement? Well, pick it up and close it! Bees, remember? C’mon!

But wait, you're probably wondering: how does non-business stuff help with business? Well, I’ll show you by providing some examples:

Volleyball: By honing your volleyball skills, you’ll work the right muscles to wave emphatically, a necessary part of greeting prospective clients and investors. Also, in volleyball you’re not supposed to let stuff fall on the ground. Same goes for business; nobody wants to work with a drop-y guy.

Origami: Being able to look at a flat piece of paper and see a bird will give you a leg up on your competitors, especially if you’re working in the bird business.

Butterflies: If you know about butterflies, then you know that they’re delicate (like a business), that they're colorful (like some of the business people you’ll meet), and that it’s not healthy to squeeze them really hard (like your employees [and people in general]).

Cooking: If you’re spending all day in a hot kitchen, you’re going to get sweaty. And it’s good to know how that feels, because you want the opposite in business: not being sweaty.

Throwing Pots: Throwing pots requires strength and hand-eye coordination, and thus will help you build a strong and memorable hand shake. And that goes for both kinds of throwing pot, too: the kind that potters do and the kind that angry people do!

Now you should be able to see why it’s important, as a business person, to learn some stuff that isn’t directly related to business!

Electives will start next Thursday with a lesson on literature and why it’s so boring. Until then, feel free to use the comments section below to post about what electives you’d like to see. Or, if you have a topic you’d like to see related to business like the ones above, feel free to post that too!