The Hard Clay Burrows Of The Squarryls

by Colonel Squarryl Anders
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Hey, this thread is SQUARRYLS ONLY, okay? If you post in here without a Squarryl logo, your post will be deleted and you'll lose experience too. But if you're a Squarryl, come on in and learn about your clan...


We grant you entrance to the Hard Clay Burrows, kinsperson. This is your home, as one who wears the red. The clan of the Squarryls has held the Clay Sea that borders the land of Wootcrap since before recorded history, and they have no plans to surrender it soon. Squarryls follow the bidding of their ancestors, and every day they attempt to keep the most scared Squarryl promise: all must gather the seed of the plants and hide them deep in the Earth. The difficulty of keeping this promise on the Clay Sea has led most Squarryls to be angry. But the act of keeping the promise has helped all Squarryls to be strong.

chrrp chrrrp cheee

Be strong. Be swift. Be mighty. And above all, dare to achieve against the machinations of the World of Wootcrap! Will you and your clan-mates unwind his strings of terror? Or will you become hopelessly entangled in its nightmare web? Coordinate, discuss, and appreciate being a Squarryl here in this thread!