The Shill Game (Sponsored By "Betas," an Amazon Original Series)

by Sam Kemmis

Did you watch the Amazon Original Series Betas (which ends its first season this Friday the 17th)? Didn't think so, which is exactly why we're filling our beloved Bags o' Crap with 50 Rokus (Rokii? Rokum?) that we got to promote their show. So, um, ahem:

Amazon Betas Amazon Betas WoooooOooooooOOOOOoooo Amazon Betas it's so funny and there's the guy with the beard who we think is named Hobbes and who is funny and it's about guys trying to make an app and you should just watch it! 

That's right: We're total shills, but you can't call us that if we say it first (according to basic elementary school law), but in business-speak we're "leveraging" "cohesion" between our "synergistic brands" to bring you some rad BOCs.

How can you get one of these totally-worthless yet highly-coveted bags of absolute garbage? Play the first ever Woot Shill Game! Throughout this Woot-Off, check the main site ( for a graphic with three different URLs. One of these URLs will lead to a BOC sale page, and two will lead to something even worse, so choose wisely. 


  • Check the site for a graphic with 3 URLs
  • Pick one of 'em and type it in
  • Buy a BOC if you're lucky enough to see one (pre-load your payment info!!)
  • Give a big thanks, or a like or a follow, to Betas if you get a Roku or something else that's cool