There Can Be Only Pun: Bed Religion

by Amy Nance

Now that's more like it! Lots of good puns last week for animals and places. Despite that, still no Secret Pun guesser. We were looking for "San Bearnadino." That means the pot is now up to $15.

This week's theme, bedding and bands, is brought to you by one of Woot's own. You might know him as wajeremy, but we know him as Jeremy Hynoski, our CTO.


  • Dave Mattress Band
  • System of a Down Comforter
  • Sevendust Ruffle

And now for our favorites from last week, Globe TrOtters:

  • PomIranian (daveinwarshington)
  • Sow Paolo (guitarart)
  • Gnu Orleans (lordbowen)


Honorable Mentions:

  • Crowatia (JDSardone)
  • AND PREVIOUSLY Ewegoslavia (kloricacid)
  • Boara Boara (Nannynoodles)
  • Jonesburro (Coogles)
  • Ucrane (dmw804)



  • Hamsterdam (goldilion)
  • FrAnts (JDSardone)
  • Tallahorsie (axphw1)


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