There Can Be Only Pun: Bugs Funny

by Amy Nance

Insects are generally gross and scary. But you can't scream if you're laughing! Either way, it's pretty easy for a bug to fly right in your mouth. So maybe just be aware of that possibility.


The ones to beat:

  • Sarah Silverfish
  • Bill Ticks
  • Louis Bee.K.

Now YOU! Post your puns in the comments, and we'll post our favorites next week.

The best from last time (Computer TV).

  • Qwertysomething (goldilion)
  • Cache Cab (bestsportnascar)
  • My Name is Perl (urhistory)

You guys seriously brought it last week. It was so hard to pick just three. Nice job!

(Photo by Flickr user adamneilward, used under a Creative Commons License.)