There Can Be Only Pun: Cryptid Composers

by Amy Nance

You guys. Bach puns are hilarious. We even made a shirt about it. And that inspired us to come up with other composer puns like the examples below.

THIS WEEK'S EPISODE: Cryptid Composers

We're looking for mash-ups of composers and creatures that DO NOT EXIST, despite what your blurry, obviously 'shopped photos suggest. The ones to beat:

  • Franz Shubertcabra
  • Antonio Saliyeti
  • Claude Succubussey

Now let's see what you got in the comments. Faves from this week next week as always. Speaking of which ...

The best from last time (The Tasty Dance)

  • Pasta Doble (goldilion)
  • Macarena & Cheese (Pamini)
  • Buffalo Swings (jimkillian)

(Photo by Flickr user Internet Archive Book Images, used under a Creative Commons License.)