There Can Be Only Pun: License to Krill

by Amy Nance

SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Last week's puns were SO GOOD, you guys! We had a really hard time picking our favorites, but the one clear winner here is gpks1 for guessing the Secret Pun, which was "General Zotz." Congratulations! Check your PM folder for your $10 coupon code.

This week we'll be punning on vehicles and marine life, thanks to the teamwork of guitarart and suziewrites.


  • Subaru Troutback
  • Honda Odysseal
  • Chevrolet Shark

And now for our favorites from last week, Sweet Revenge:

  • Sauron Patch Kids (gpks1)
  • BellaTwix Lestrange (rainynite)
  • S'moriarty (ajviti)


Honorable Mentions:

  • Elmer Fuddge (axphw1)
  • SkeleSkor (conradfontaine)
  • Lord Voldetorte (Coogles)
  • Loki Charms (donthaveone)
  • Scarburst (mick52)
  • TobleRonin (JDSardone)



  • Mao Zeding-dong (Coogles)


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