Woot This Week

by Kathleen Richards

Welcome to Woot This Week, where every week we count down five of the coolest/weirdest/craziest items currently for sale on Woot!

And now, without further ado, the top five cool things I found on Woot this week:

5. Joby GorillaPod K9 Stand for Cell Phones, $20.99

It looks like a crazy monster, but it's actually a crazy monster that holds your phone for you. Which is the best kind of crazy monster there is, if you ask me.

4. SuperEye S500 Advanced Metal Detector, $59.99

Maybe you'll find a gold dubloon or maybe you'll just find an old rusty can! Either way, it's more than you would have found on your own.

3. Kalorik Red Pepper Kitchen Scale, $16.99

Measuring ingredients with a scale is supposed to make your recipes a lot more accurate and tasty! But all of that aside, these scales are also pretty cute.

2. Fred & Friends Bear Hands Oven Mitts Set, $14.99

The only camp I went to was space camp, so I can't say with 100% certainty, but I feel like these oven mitts would be really good for pulling off some kind of summer camp prank. They also work as oven mitts.

1. SwissTek Advanced HydroGrow System, $129.99

All the luxury of having a garden without having to go outdoors. Glad to know that when the earth is covered by one giant building, we'll still have ways to grow plants.

Those are my finds for this week, friends! Did you find something weird and cool on Woot this week? Don't be selfish! Post it here!