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So You Want to Be a Famous Writer, Part 2: Your Manuscript

by Randall Cleveland

Now that you've secured a crippling personality defect that fans and journalists can use to paint you with the broadest of strokes, it's time to get to the actual task of writing. Any writers' forum online will tell you that you need to start writing immediately and often because writing is like any other exercise in that you have to do it often to get good at it. These people are idiots.

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So You Want to Be A Famous Writer

by Randall Cleveland

Writing is one of the least-valued and under-appreciated occupations a person can get into. Seriously. Go check out's listings for "writers." Check out how many goofballs are convinced you'll be willing to crank out six articles a day for "exposure." If you've ever had the privilege of working as a writer in a company or agency, you know it's pretty much a non-stop barrage of Could you please justify your existence again? and I'm not sure how to allocate you on a spreadsheet, exactly.

How do you get around this indignity? Simple: you become one of the greats. And I'm going to show you how with free, easy to understand lessons right here because I'm probably the nicest guy on the planet.

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Tuesday, July 31

So You Want to Start A Shadowy Cabal of Assassins! Chapters 1-3

by Randall Cleveland

Greetings! If you're reading this you've taken the first step towards establishing your own sinister league of assassins for nefarious purposes: purchasing this book!

Shooting Nocturne - Assassin's Creed - Louvres - Paris - 2011-10-01- P1260121
Training is a joy when you're an assassin! And incredibly attractive.


Sure, television and movies make it look easy, but there's a lot that goes into establishing yourself as an insidious global force of death and mayhem. Lucky for you, you've acquired the best guide on the market! Read on, and learn the inside tricks of the trade that other assassins won't share because they're too worried you'll take their business!

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Thursday, July 19

Sean University: Read Em and Sleep!

by Sean Adams

What does it mean when your phone won’t turn on? It means you forgot to charge it and it ran out of battery power. Well, guess what? People are a lot like phones; they also need to be charged in order to work properly. But people and phones also have their differences too. For example, you can’t just plug people in to give them more energy (yet). Instead, they need sleep to recharge.

Also, when people are tired, the repercussions can be way more serious than when phones are tired. An over-tired phone just turns itself off. An over-tired person, on the other hand, forgets to turn stuff off, like the burner under the tea kettle, except he doesn’t have a tea kettle and what he thought was the burner is actually just a lamp, and so now, everyone at the tea party is going to be disappointed, or they would be if he remembered to invite them over. Also, how long has he been in in this tub and why didn’t he take off his hiking boots?

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