Tuesday, August 21

Completely Unfair Comparisons: Back for the bacon!

by Sean Adams
You guys, I never meant to take a 3 week break from Completely Unfair Comparisons. However, then the Contest of Countries started, and there was back-to-school advice to be given, and I lost track of things. But I’m past all that now! And I’m back just in time for this Bacon Woot-Off! That’s why, this week, we’re focusing on the two quintessential breakfast meats. That’s right: it’s bacon vs. sausage!

1. Bacon vs. Sausage in terms of Feeling Love

One sausage patty or sausage link is enough for a sandwich. Doubling-up would be nutritionally irresponsible and logistically difficult to eat. That’s why, as Three Dog Night so eloquently put it, “Sausage is the loneliest meat.” Bacon is a different story altogether. A quality bacon-egg-and-cheese sandwich requires not one but two strips of bacon arranged in an “x” formation. This crisscrossing allows for maximum egg-area covered, and thus the widest distribution of the bacon flavor. Long story short: bacon, like love, requires that there be two.




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