Tuesday, August 14

Dorm Room Space Saving Techniques: The Fridge

by Sean Adams

You’re excited! You’re finally going to college and getting away from your parents! Total freedom! You get to campus, get rid of mom and dad as quickly as possible, grab the keys to your dorm room, and now it’s to check out your new palace! Except it’s not a palace. It’s a closet. And you’re sharing it with someone. All of the sudden you’re missing your bedroom at home and dreading the next four years.

But hey, calm down! There are ways to make any dorm room, no matter how tiny it is, feel sprawling and luxurious! And the place to start is choosing the right fridge!

Now, you’re probably thinking, “Oh! I know what to do! Buy a MINI fridge!” But here’s the thing – a mini-fridge isn’t all that mini. Sure, it’s small in comparison to its traditional brethren, but in comparison to, say, a pile of twigs? It’s way bigger (unless you’re using a lot of twigs). That’s why you should consider some of these other options:

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