Friday, October 23

So We Went To The Texas State Fair

by Scott Lydon

Have you ever wondered to yourself "Self, what does the Texas State Fair look like?" well, then, you're about to finally get your answer. Because it looks like this:


Ta da! And now, the post is over. No, no, we're just kidding, there's plenty more, because Scott and former forums superstar ADQ went to see the Texas State Fair this year, and they've got plenty to share with you. After the jump, you'll see food, fun, and a few special gifts! That's right! They brought back some gifts just for you!

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Tuesday, August 19

The Fabulous TCONA4

by Kristy Tye

Trivia is an industry, and every industry has a trade show of their own! In this case, it's TCONA, the Trivia Championships Of North America. For one weekend each year, the casual and the powerhouses combine to have a little fun, swap a few secrets, learn all sorts of useful facts and maybe, just maybe, take home a medal. Social butterfly Kristy Tye (aka agingdragqueen on our forums) forsook the pool and gave trivia her full attention. How did that go? FUNNY YOU SHOULD ASK US...

A lot of people have asked me how the Trivia Championships of North America went (aka TCONA, as you may have heard about here), since, as it turned out I was not good at preempting the curiosity by telling my nerdy brethren in time to actually register and head to Vegas. Lesson learned, here’s a whole year’s notice: it went very well and I had a fabulous time, and you should come next year.


our hero


Come on inside and enjoy the recap. Oh, yeah, and you'll find some trivia questions waiting for you too.

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Friday, July 25

Travels With Woot: TCONA 2013

by Scott Lydon

It was on the last day, when I was having brunch with a game show producer and hearing some cool behind-the-scenes stories, when I finally accepted that TCONA really is somethin' extra special.


I hit up the 2013 Trivia Championships Of North America during a thankfully air-conditioned Las Vegas summer last year, and you know what? I had a blast. This year I’ll be there again, meeting Woot’s own Ken Jennings in person for the very first time! (I was out sick the day he came by to open his Bag Of Crap, you see.) If you’ve ever considered yourself a trivia buff, you owe it to yourself to spend a weekend testing just how much you actually know. After the jump you can check out my recap of TCONA 2013.

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Monday, July 30


Monday, June 25

Travels With Woot: Medieval Times

by wootbot

Journey with us to the bygone days of knights and nobles! Ah, 'twas a time of romance and chivalry! ('Twas also a time of poor sanitation and verminborne plague, but who wants to see dinner theater about that?)

We recently got our joust on at Medieval Times in Dallas, where the lighter side of the Dark Ages comes to life every night. Three shows on Saturdays!

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