Monday, October 04

Coffee, Tea, or Dance Party

by Jason Hinklin-Lauderdale

News Flash: Flying sucks. Totally. That I actually have to pay money to be shoved into a winged hell capsule, strapped to a tiny seat that cuts off all circulation to my legs, and forced to endure the horrors of Other People with nothing more than a SkyMall catalog to keep me entertained frustrates me to no end. But as most airlines struggle to find new ways to make the ordeal even more torturous while charging me even more cash for the privilege of air travel, it's good to see companies like The Philipinnes' Cebu Pacific Air trying to make its customers a little happier.



Sure, I'd much prefer a little more leg room or some extra peanuts to Lady Gaga, but it's a nice start, don't you think?

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Thursday, September 30

Video Weird America: SBCJesterVision Edition

by Matthew Norman

Obviously, there are other online flea markets out there besides ours. And many of them probably have their own little communities like the one we’ve cultivated. But we bet you a gajillion dollars our community is populated with odder characters than theirs are.

Consider, for example, our pal SBCJester21. You know him—he’s that guy from the forums whose voicemail messages you’ve heard in our Mailbag podcasts every so often.

Well, apparently after watching a Mike Flores time-lapse movie we posted about a while back, SBJester21 got bit by the video bug, and set out to document the crazy pictures that flicker through his twisted brain all day long. Here’s the result. It has a Woot monkey in it.

At last, a glimpse into the warped mind of a hardcore Wooter! We always sort of wondered what kind of person stockpiles Leakfrogs! It’s a super weird type of person, as it turns out.

But he’s our super-weirdo, so we love him.

As long as he stays on his court-mandated medications.

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Tuesday, September 21


Monday, September 20

Our Majestic Planet

by Scott Lydon

In our experience, cool documentary-style shots are either paired with some chatty British dude or some really boring music. But this video, shot by Mike Flores, features cool shots paired with the score from Inception. What that makes is something that looks and sounds pretty darn impressive.

We especially like the dramatic cactus shot. What's your opinion?

Found at Gizmodo, who are apparently really big babies that get creeped out too easily. "Looks like the world is ending"? Seriously, it's just some violins. Man up, Chicken Little.

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Thursday, September 09

One Part Tom Lehrer + One Part Google Instant = Pure Video Chemistry

by Jason Toon

OK, so it's already been TechCrunched and Gizmodoed and BoingBoinged. But I can't let any intersection of Tom Lehrer and tech news go unmentioned. I mean, how often does that happen, once a decade? So here's "Instant Elements" from ad agency Whirled, setting Lehrer's song "The Elements" to Google Instant search results. It's a natural fit, but I think my personal favorite Lehrer joint - "So Long, Mom (A Song For World War III)" - would work, too.

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Tuesday, September 07


Thursday, August 26

Please Don't Let This Be A Hoax

by Scott Lydon

Some of you might be too young to remember, but back in the 1970s, children used to go outside. In fact, children used to go outside without any supervision at all. They'd ride bikes, explore the woods, use toy guns… and no one thought it was strange! They called it "play" and it was considered to be an important part of growing up.

Today, of course, a bunch of kids leaping off cliffs and climbing trees and holding a camera would probably end with one of them tazed and the rest at Child Services waiting for the MPAA. But in the 1970s, nobody cared! And that's why this seven minute version of King Kong exists:

Now, we'll warn you, there's also a Star Trek and a really fantastic adaptation of Alien, so either these kids were quite prolific or there's something else going on. And it's the Internet, so you never can tell when some viral mastermind is going to break your heart. But, whatever. We're going to trust this time. Because even if it turns out to be fake, it's still kinda cool.

We found it at Ain't It Cool News. They found it at Easy Dreamer.

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Tuesday, August 24

Woot Watches Wideos: Paper Bag

by Jason Toon

Videographer, blogger, St. Louisan, and all-around innaresting fella Bill Streeter had some nice things to say about Woot in our past life in the Gateway/Mound/Murder City. But I swear that even if I'd never heard of the dude, I'd still rep this video where he uses kinetic typography to bring the "paper bag" monologue from The Wire to life. Content, form, and presentation unite in Bill's capable hands. (There's some pretty mild NSFW language, but nothing you couldn't hear on prime-time network TV.)

Paper Bag Monologue from the Wire (Kinetic Typography) from bill streeter on Vimeo.

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Friday, August 20


Thursday, August 12

Video: Woot Monkeys in Space, Continued

by Matthew Norman

Remember Bdale Garbee’s amazing rocket launch? Last year? He stuffed a gigantic model rocket with Woot monkeys and launched them into the blue?

OK, if you missed that video when it came out, maybe you should watch it now:



It’s inspiring, for one thing. Plus you’ll need it for context. Because see, there’s an exciting new development in the case of the missing six astro-monkeys:



Welcome back, marooned monkeys! That’s two more accounted for, four more to go.

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