American Imaginations Multi-Rod Towel Rack with Towel Ring, Robe Hook and TP Holder Accessory Set

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  • Toilet paper holder includes a chrome plated protective cover. Designed for easy installation. Two hooks to maximize storage space.
  • Towel ring can hold up to 6lbs. Multiple rods for maximum storage. Constructed with lead-free brass, ensuring strength and durability.
  • Quality control approved in Canada and re-inspected prior to shipping your order. Sleek, modern design to match any home decor.
  • Premium chrome plating to suit any home decor. Solid bulky brass feel.
  • Mounting hardware included. Concealed screw installation for a clean look.

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Item Dimensions: 3.74 L x 5.51 W x 6.24 H inches
Brand: American Imaginations
Color: Chrome
American Imaginations Towel Rack
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