The Madison Window Collection 100% Linen Made in the USAModern & Elegant Tailored Window Valance

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  • DIMENSIONALLY ACCOMMODATING: Each of These Tailored Window Valances Measures 14" x 50" and Requires Assembly Upon Delivery.
  • LUXURIOUS CRAFTSMANSHIP: This Window Valance Curtain is Carefully Crafted From Luxurious, 100% Linen. All Window Valances are Manufactured in the United States.
  • ELEGANCE AND SOPHISTICATION: This Window Valance Features an Elegant and Stunning, Subtle Vertical Stripe Design. Each Valance is Manufactured as Part of an Ensemble to Adorn the Top of the Madison Window Panel.
  • CLASSIC BEAUTY: The Window Valance is Available in a Magnificent Shade of Indigo. The Classic and Tasteful Combination of Quality Design With Beautiful Coloring Ensures an Impeccable Pairing With Any Fashionable Décor.
  • CONSISTENCY AND QUALITY: Veratex Cherishes a Unique and Elegant Vision, Proudly Embracing Intricately Woven Designs, Stylish Color Tones and Soft, Luxurious Textures to Create Classic Yet Stunningly Magnificent Products.

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Binding:  Kitchen
Width:  50 inches
Height:  0.25 inches
Length:  14 inches
Part number:  606540
Manufacturer:  Veratex
Brand:  Veratex
Item package quantity:  1
Item Package Width:  10 inches
Item Package Height:  4 inches
Item Package Length:  12 inches

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Window Collection & Window Valance
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