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Raise the horns of rawk, boogie children, because you're about to step into the world of- well, look, a guitar isn't really an impulse buy. You already know if you're in the market or not. All we can do is point you towards the crossroads. You've got to choose your path. It's not rawk if someone MAKES you do it, right?

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About The First Guitar

Ask any pro musician and they'll all do the same thing. First they'll laugh, then they'll tell you how cheap it was, then they'll tell you how they used to sleep with it, then they'll tell you about the day they moved on. This isn't an instrument you're buying today. It's someone's first step. One day, the next God or Goddess of Rock will say "It was a Peavey, and it was the best thing someone ever gave me." Don't you want to be mentioned in the biographies of tomorrow?