Bacon, it's not just for breakfast!

So, food is great. But how many times have you caught yourself eating something that wasn't bacon and thinking: "Damn, I wish this tasted more like bacon?" You don't have to answer, I already know: all of the times. Luckily, where there's a fabricated wish, there's a way. Read on, bacon-lover, and never go baconless again.

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About Bacon

It's the best version of pigs, and that includes Wilbur, Porky, and Rush Limbaugh. Now I'm not telling you what to believe, but if there is a God, he only made pigs for one reason, and it wasn't the incessant oinking, or even the adorable way they roost in their own feces. It was bacon. Come to think of it, if there is a God, he only make Earth for one reason, too, and it was also bacon.