Foscam Security Cameras

Ahhh, security cameras. So many choices, so little time. Well, if you like the one we're pluggin' over on Tech.Woot, you've only got the rest of the day to snap it up. These here guys'll be around for a few more. Just long enough for that little jerk from next door to trample your azaleas while you still have no way to prove it.

Ends on August 16 at 9AM CT

About Security

If the people of Troy had invested in security cameras, they would have known not to trust the giant wooden horse outside the gates. Wait, no, we take that back. What kind of morons see a surprise horse sculpture and assume it's something good? And wasn't anyone on guard duty that night, just to keep an eye on the Greeks just outside the gates? We've changed our minds. The people of Troy didn't deserve security cameras.