Gaiam Yoga Mats

What sets Gaiam apart from every other yoga company? We'll tell you: made up statistics show that Gaiam is preferred by the smartest, sexiest, and strongest members of society. Speculative data indicates that Teddy Roosevelt, Lu Bu, and General Patton all would have used Gaiam if it had existed in their days.
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About Gaiam

Gaiam, the yoga company, may or may not have something to do with Gaia, the personification of nature that empowers the Planeteers to protect the planet from ecoterrorists. We cannot confirm or deny that these mats and bricks and such have a direct connection to the mighty savior of the environment, Captain Planet, nor can I say definitively that buying them helps to foil the vile schemes of Dr. Blight, Looten Plunder, and Sly Sludge. But it all sounds pretty likely to me, and even if they're just ordinary yoga gear, they're still more useful than the Power of Heart, right?
Gaiam official site