Gerber Multi Tools

Honey, I have the GREATEST idea for the kids' stocking stuffers. Saw blades and wire cutters! Now I know what you're thinking, but they're made by Gerber, the most trusted name in baby gear ever. Oh wait. I see what happened here. It’s not the same Gerber. Well don’t I feel silly. Still, you think maybe … no, of course not.
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About Gerber Gear

It must be hard, living in the perpetual shadow of that giant baby mug, its precious disposition suffocating you slowly with love and adorability. Having to endure the gasps and horrified looks that say, "You're a monster. A MONSTER!" when you tell people you sell Gerber-brand knives. But in the end (like end-of-the-world end) you'll get the last laugh. Because you have survival skills, and the utility knives and multi-tools to back them up. So stand tall, my friend. Your day is coming.
Gerber Gear official site