Gunnar Optiks Advanced Computer/Gaming Glasses

Maybe playing computer games isn't much of a workout for your legs or your arms. But your eyes? All the bright, harsh pixels can really push those little guys to the limit. That's where Gunnar Glasses come in. With their ability to sharpen the picture while reducing strain, they're pretty much a knee brace for your eyeballs.
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About Gunnar Optiks

Any kook with some wires and glass in his basement can whip you up a pair "glasses," but it takes a team of super smart dudes and dudettes like the ones at Gunnar Optiks to build the perfect pair of gaming specs. So the choice is yours: do you want quality or not? (If you answer "not", let us know. We've got some wires and glass in our basement, so we might be able to put something together for you.)
Gunnar Optiks official site