KitchenAid For Your Kitchen

It's cute to watch you try try to prepare potatoes au gratin using tupperware and your microwave, but c'mon! You're not going to be winning any cooking contests with that stuff. You gotta get on the stove and make it like it's meant to be made. And hey, why not use some of this great KitchenAid Cookware while you're at it?
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About KitchenAid

Turns out KitchenAid is not, as I originally and optimistically believed, a giant festival where famous musicians unite to make me dinner. What it actually is (high quality cookware manufacturer) is cool, I guess, but mostly I'm just depressed that I'll never get to try lasagna by the Who. On the upside, at least I won't have to be in the same room as Bono.
KitchenAid official site