You know what would be an awesome New Year's Resolution? Getting a new laptop. You know where you could get one? Woot. You waiting for something clever or witty about this intro? Not coming, I'm loaded on eggnog and totally phoning it in. As an apology, here are many great deals on laptops, and also some speakers.

Ends on December 31 at 9AM CT

About Laptops

Used by everyone, including James Bond, hipsters, and that crappy hipster Q in the new terrible movie. But don't hold that against laptops; that movie would have sucked just fine without them, and they're actually really, really useful. Whether you're a writer, a horrible euro DJ, or just a professional pornographer, you probably need one to do your job, for starters. Even if you're a terrible hipster Q, in fact. What I'm getting at is that laptops are awesome, and Skyfall is not.